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Welcome to Cardzam.com, the one stop solution for effective advertising and storage of all of your Online Business Cards.  Cardzam.com is a unique online resource that is provided free of charge to anyone, anywhere in the world!  This service not only offers business card storage, it also provides access to millions of businesses, giving you more Free Online Advertising opportunities, while providing your business with the chance to create a distinctive profile.  This website is unlike any other; consider it a virtual rolodex that you can access any time, even on the go through your mobile device! 

Business owners can use Cardzam.com to take local advertising in completely new and exciting directions.  Membership to the site provides access to a variety of resources and exclusive features, such as the “Tell A Friend Service”.  This service allows users to recommend their business to an unlimited number of friends, clients, and potential clients just by emailing their Online Business Cards in a matter of seconds.

Cardzam.com is an exceptional resource for business members and consumers alike.  The website can be searched for exactly what you need by quickly narrowing the options down through business name, business type, or card code number.  You also have the option of recreating any traditional business card you may already have cluttering up your desk.  Simply perform a quick search of the site to make sure the business is not already listed, then upload the card, and save it to your contacts.  This keeps all of your local advertising contacts in one place, without the need to have to carry them around or worry about where you put the information.  Cardzam.com’s main goal is provide its users with an easy to use service, to improve organization, and eliminate the hassle of searching for lost business cards for good.

If all of these features were not enough, Cardzam.com gives advertisers unlimited access to current clients, or the power to reach new clients.  Gone is the worry of prospects throwing your business cards in the garbage, or sticking them in a drawer never to be seen again.  What’s more, if you find the need to change your business address, phone number, email address, etc. you will not have the extra expense of having to get new paper cards printed.  All you need to do is log on to your Cardzam.com account, click “update my advertised card”, and you are on your way to making all the modifications necessary.  On top of the convenience factor, you will also be going “green” by saving all of that extra paper.

Since all advertised Online Business Cards found on the site are assigned a unique card code number, referrals have never been easier.  Simply provide your clients with this number, and it will automatically bring up your card when entered into Cardzam.com.  We at Cardzam.com recommend all advertisers add this unique code to other printed forms of advertising, as well as other forms of Free Online Advertising.

We thank you for your interest in Cardzam.com and hope you will choose to join our ever growing community. 

The Cardzam.com Team

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